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If you want to have a better understanding of
what is happening in your community, then CharityTracker is the perfect solution for you.

The story of why we made CharityTracker:
When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, our hometown of Florence, Alabama became a refuge for hundreds of displaced families. The charitable agencies of our community rallied to meet the overwhelming need by providing vital support to these families. In such a dark hour, the displaced families found some restoration, along with hope and encouragement. But, for the agencies providing support, something was missing.

Aside from the understanding that everyone was helping to improve the situation, there was little communication between agencies. Services were being duplicated and limited resources were drying up. The question arose, “How can we work together more efficiently?”

Tina Scott, who at the time was Executive Director of our local United Way, approached us looking for an answer. We worked together, along with agents from Salvation Army, 211, social services, and area churches, to build an online service that would help area agencies communicate easily.

CharityTracker was developed and is now used in 1,788 cities throughout the United States. Since 2007, CharityTracker has been used to track 24,418,712 assistance records totaling $749,860,879 of assistance dollars for 6,340,483 cases.
CharityTracker is easy to use
CharityTracker helps you do what you do best, help people in need. Unlike other programs of this nature which have too many features and can be difficult to use, CharityTracker was designed to get you communicating with your community right away.
CharityTracker is secure
We employ 256bit SSL encryption, the same internet security methods used by banks and the federal government. The data center that hosts CharityTracker is monitored 24/7/365 by onsite staff, controlled with biometric locks and monitored by security cameras. You never have to worry about unauthorized people seeing your information.
Is CharityTracker right for your organization?
Do you want to know the assistance history of the people you serve? Would you and others in your community like to reduce or eliminate duplicate services? Does your community have a desire to work collaboratively to share information and resources to help those who need it the most?

If you want to have a better understanding of what is happening in your community, then CharityTracker is the perfect solution for you. Be sure to give a try!
makes it easy to...
"We selected CharityTracker because of the team that is behind this product"
“I was asked by other people why we selected CharityTracker — We selected CharityTracker because the web application is fast, very intuitive and simple; but not only for that, we selected CT because of the team that is behind this product. We have received GREAT customer service, very professional technical support, and rapid response to our needs. This Added Value is something that many companies today have lost.”

Daniel A. Thierry
Technology Manager
Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.
McAllen, TX

Case Studies
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