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The company that brought you CharityTracker,
one of the leading shared case management tools,
now offers you:

All the proven benefits of CT with additional coverage for those in a community with Homeless Management Information System needs.

  • Stronger safety net for people in crisis
  • Responsive service delivery
  • Informed decision making
  • Improved cooperation
  • Collective impact
  • Data-driven collaboration
HMIS software is hard to use.
We're changing that. Let's talk...


Because CharityTracker HMIS is designed to work seamlessly with CT, both HMIS and non-HMIS agencies can share relevant information in one system.

What is the fundamental goal?

Improve care coordination for the homeless with CharityTracker HMIS user-friendly and high-quality automated records system that expedites client intake procedures, improves referral accuracy, and supports the collection of quality information that can be used for program improvement and service-planning for service providers.

CharityTracker HMIS is compliant with all federal, state, and local requirements regarding client/consumer confidentiality and data security. CT HMIS is designed to collect and deliver timely, credible, quality data about services and homeless person or persons at risk of becoming homeless.

About CharityTracker

CharityTracker is used by agencies in over 1000 cities across the United States. It keeps track of over 3.5 million cases, and over 10 million assistance records. To date, CharityTracker is keeping track of almost $300 million in giving.